Few places on earth can match the explosion of colors, shapes, diversity, and beauty of a tropical reef.

With the world’s ocean ecosystems under historic attack from human (mis)behavior, we created this work – called Odoroki, which means Amazement in its creators language – to highlight the love and appreciation we hold for these natural masterpieces.

Odoroki brings our oceans to the forefront of our minds, reminding us how enchanting and precious they are, and how good it is be alive and able to appreciate them.

There is such detail, so much intricacy, so much diversity in this piece that even after weeks of viewing it, one still finds hidden details that were previously unseen in its multi-layer majesty.

At a bare minimum, Odoroki is a conversation piece.  None that have seen it have not wanted to touch it, to examine it closely, to check that it is in fact one whole carving and not many pieces glued together.

In the photos you may notice that the grain of the teak runs through the various creatures and plants, proving that, although it seems implausible,  it is in fact one single piece. For those allowed to gently touch it, one can feel that each item  seamlessly grows from the base.

Having taken just under 18 months to make, this piece warrants the description, “Jaw dropping.”

We hope that it becomes an heirloom to a family where the kids and grandkids learn an appreciation for nature, where plans for adventures to far-flung places are seeded and nurtured, where goals to become a diver, a marine biologist or ecologist are inspired, igniting an urge to be free and to explore, and so much more. 

We’d like this piece to bring people together; to be a focal point for generations of happy memories.

The beauty of the ocean hand-carved from wood.

Odoroki Carved art wood table reef | Baron Hunt
Carved art wood table | Baron Hunt

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