Wide Awake

An imposing 7 feet tall, this bird exudes the raw power of the fully awake.

Pondering the powerful beak and razor sharp claws, the graceful wings and alert eagle eyes, one understands that this bird will never be suppressed. 

A free spirit, she will fight to the end to protect her young, her mate, her kind and her freedoms.  Appreciating her one understands why she is the symbol for, The Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

The exquisite detail and workmanship is best shown in the wings, where finely carved feathers taper down from their quills to a fine edge.

This was produced by one of our premier carvers, an 80 year old man called Santoso.

The piece weights 250 lbs and is made from a single Suar wood log.  Santoso not only has the ability to extract the form from the log, but does so with a skill at positioning the colors and grain of the wood so that they integrate with, and enhance the piece.

Standing guard wherever placed, Wide Awake reminds us that we are free spirits . . . and that to remain so we need to always be alert and willing to defend our rights.

Baron Hunt - Wide Awake wooden art carved eagle
Wide Awake wooden art carved eagle - Baron Hunt

Amazing attention to detail.

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7 ft 2 in


3 ft


3 ft


187 lbs