Baron Hunt

The Indiana Jones of the Objets D'Art​

Tickle Creek wood carved art - Baron Hunt

Ethnographic art stands outside of time.  Steeped in tradition and ancestral skills, the exquisite creations of the master craftsmen are both utilitarian in their application and aesthetically beautiful in their appeal. 

The timeless signature pieces commissioned by Baron Hunt have become available to the American market. Amassed from a watchful traveler’s experience of ethnic artistry, these unique and intriguing one-offs can serve simply as eye-catching conversation pieces, or as stimuli for the creative mind. 

Identification of his own global brand consolidates the Baron’s work of many years. His skilled team of artisans and craftsmen from around the world provide decorations and objets d’arts that are identifiable as exclusive Baron Hunt works – denoting both a shared moral vision and a respect for the people and traditions that created them. 

Always a keen artist and outdoorsman I was, as a young man, fortunate enough to have the freedom to travel to and explore many parts of the world. 

I loved learning techniques and collecting samples of the ethnic art, seeking out the very best – which was not available in the momento stalls frequented by tourists.

Way off the beaten track I discovered people and art that I would never have otherwise seen.  If anyone seeks adventure, I recommend getting a large, heavy, masterpiece many  miles through the jungle to the closest shipping terminal, without damaging it and often with nothing more than a smattering of the local language.

Baron Hunt

Carved Wooden Art


One for one, people have told us that the photos and videos do not do proper justice to the actual pieces themselves.

And, it is true…there is just no substitute for the real thing.

These pieces are genuinely captivating, stunning, enthralling – words certainly do not do these pieces justice.

In an attempt to provide viewers the most comprehensive experience possible, we have typically included a video of each piece, as well as an explanation and several photos. We rotate the sculptures on a turntable as they are incredible when able to see all 360 degrees.

These carved wooden art pieces are not for everyone.

Most are large and extremely heavy. Without ample space to display them where they can be seen in full, they cannot be fully appreciated.

On the other hand, for those who can display and use these, they will undoubtedly become heirloom treasures, providing your family years of pleasure.

Those genuinely interested in purchasing one or more may schedule and in-person viewing, by appointment only.

The pieces are located in Tampa Bay, USA.

7ft tall carved wood art eagle - Baron Hunt logo

Call to schedule a viewing (727) 277-6874

Nomad - Baron Hunt carved wooden art